Happy Go Lightly 40kg Bulk Deal

  • Wheat free, gentle, low fat dog food with strong Omega 3 content
  • Ideal for low-moderately active dogs
  • unbeatable value for larger packs or those with storage....
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Happy Go Lightly 40kg Bulk Deal

New 4 x 10kg sacks

..... because moderation needn't mean compromise

Happy Go Lightly is an all-natural, hypoallergenic, rice based range of recipes that focus on the gentle care and attention of all aspects of your dog's health. Firstly, it's lower calorie to help keep your dog trim, it also contains low-allergen, gut-friendly grains for a healthy digestion (which should make 'loco motions' a thing of the past) and it contains an Omega 3 supplement plus a selection of herbs and botanicals to gently support your dog's liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid and gut. 

Happy Go Lightly is ideal for less active dogs or dogs prone to weight gain. It's gentle approach also makes it a great choice for sensitive dogs that struggle on a grain free diet, dogs prone to weight gain, acid reflux and/or occasional sickness as well as older dogs, pancreatic dogs and/or those with early stage kidney and liver disease - or just dogs that suffer from loose stools when the fat content gets too high.

And just because your dog does better on a lower fat, more moderate diet doesn't mean they should have to compromise on quality protein & healthful ingredients.

Happy Go Lightly utilises lots of high quality fresh & dried meat and/or fish alongside gentle, healthful ingredients such as alfalfa, seaweed, chicory & dandelion to help support your dog's liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid & gut. 

Plus it contains 20%+ low-GI brown rice to help promote a feeling of fullness & help keep the 'business' end of things as regular as clockwork!

Its wheat free, hypoallergenic, formula means it's also gentle on sensitive tummies/ digestions (the turkey options are also gluten free), but highly sensitive hounds may fare better on a grain free formula.

And because it's baked at a very gentle 90-110οC the natural taste and aroma of the ingredients are maintained as much as possible meaning it's a big hit with fussy pooches and those with a low appetite.

Because moderation needn't mean compromise.


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