Why Ci?

Well, because it's very good stuff! Our food is made with 100% natural, high quality, low allergen ingredients your dog will love – and love you for.


 You won’t find any artificial preservatives, additives or colourings and there’s no dubious animal or vegetable derivatives in any of our recipes.


We focus on making a high quality protein source paramount in all our foods, supplemented with easy to digest grains (such as rice or barley) and/or low GI vegetables (e.g peas & sweet potato).  This not only makes them taste great (fussy eaters love Ci!) but it also means they’re ideal for dogs with allergies, sensitivities and digestive issues.


Furthermore in light of all the new research on the importance of Omega 3 and it's balance with Omega 6, we make sure our foods are well ahead of the minimum recommendations, plus our kibble contains no added salt, sugar or soy.


And rest assured it’s not only made by some of the most respected (PFMA approved) people in the industry, it’s also been designed by experienced nutritionists and approved by vets.


Plus they’re made in the UK and contain UK human food chain ingredients.


If this wasn’t enough we’re pretty sure we can provide you with all this for no more than you’re paying for your current brand, and deliver it to your door within a day or so.


How? Well you’re dealing direct with us which cuts out the wholesaler and the pet shop. Plus, we don’t invest heavily in marketing (our customers know that the money they spend provides fancy dinners for their dogs, not fancy dinners for marketing executives). Our bags are pretty generic too – all of which helps us keep costs to a minimum.


We also know that you need not only a great product but a great service too, which is why we aim to get your order out to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) using a 24 hour courier service (whenever possible).  Furthermore we photograph every parcel we send so if we have made a mistake (and we try very hard not to) we'll rectify it quickly. No fuss. No quibbling.


And when you need to contact us, we're here ... doing our best to deliver good, old fashioned customer service that's friendly, knowledgeable and reliable.


 We also understand that everyone wants to give their dog the best they can afford, so we have five ranges of kibble all with different price points:


Essentials Range – solid, gimmick-free, pocket-friendly nutrition which focuses on the important stuff – lots of quality protein, easy digest grains and/or vegetables and all the Omega 3, vitamins and minerals they need to flourish.  There’s even a gluten free & grain free option in this range!


Happy Go Lightly – a lower calorie, lower fat, rice based option. Perfect for less active dogs and those that gain weight easily.  It has the added bonus of various botanicals to gently support the liver, kidneys and thyroid.  Being easy on the tummy it should make ‘loco motions’ a thing of the past, particularly if your dog doesn't fare so well on a gain free diet, and it's baked very gently at between 90-110oC to retain flavour, aroma & as many natural nutrients as possible.


Tickety Boo (our bestseller!) – Tickety Boo is made with 50% meat (including lots of fresh meat), it’s completely grain free and it has great Omega 3 levels.  Plus, all the carbs come from quality grain free sources, including lots of yummy, low GI sweet potato which, along with a gentle bake of between 90-110oC, help it taste fantastic! 

And with a such a high quality, low-allergen, easy digest ingredients list it's a fantastic option for sensitive digestions or dogs with multiple allergies - perfect poo's every time!


Bells & Whistles  – Bells & Whistles follows a similar 50/50 profile to the Tickety Boo but it's also beet pulp free & boasts an even stronger 28% protein content.  In addition it contains a series of healthful herbs and botanicals to provide holistic support to their overall health & wellbeing.

It really is nutrition with knobs on!


Mighty Meaty - Made with a whopping 80% meat and/or fish these grain free recipes closely mimic the principles behind RAW feeding, but in a more convenient dried kibble.  Plus they're cooked at a gentle 90-110ºC to retain as much goodness, aroma & taste as possible (they really do taste & smell amazing!). Perfect for RAW feeders to have around for when defrosting isn't feasible, and for owners who like the idea of a very high protein diet but don't have the storage for raw.

It also contains a series of healthful herbs & botanicals to support your dogs overall health & wellbeing.


Top Drawer Wet Food - Our Top Drawer Wet Food trays can be fed as a complete meal in themselves or as a delicious topper to dry kibble.  Many of us like to add a wet food & often some water to kibble to 'perk' it up a bit, and Top Drawer are the perfect way to do this without undoing all the good work of your 100% natural dry food.  Made with 60% meat and cooked in a soft paté style they're easy to squish down to coat the biscuits or create a quick gravy with added water - a spoonful can go a long way!


Natural Treats - It's easy to underestimate the devastating effect cheap mass-produced treats, chews & dental sticks can have on a sensitive dog's digestion.  We have a range of high quality treats, chews and snacks that are 100% natural, nutritious and gentle on their tums.  There's no untraceable imports - all our treats are chemical free and made by conscientious producers in the UK or EU.


Our customers already know they’re feeding the very best they can afford, so why not join them and see the difference better dog food can make?