Our Philosophy

We love dogs. And we believe that a decent diet benefits not only them, but owners too.


We set up Ci (pronounced 'key' (it's the Welsh word for dog!)) because we found it hard to find a really great dog food at a fair price. Our range is designed to provide you with a better quality food for the same price that you're paying now.


Our dog's love it and we're confident yours will too.


We will never compromise on quality.  That means no additives, no derivatives and no rubbish. Just healthy, tasty, meaty food your dog will love - and love you for.


And we know that all dogs are different, so we provide a complete range of food types so you can stick to the one that seems to work best for your dog - whether that's rice based, gluten free, holistic, grain free or lower calorie.


We don't believe in expensive advertising. We prefer to invest in the food. Our customers know the money they spend provides really good dinners for their dogs, not really good dinners for advertising executives.


Shopping for dog food can be a pain - it's big, it's bulky and we don't always remember we need it at a convenient time, so we offer not only a 24/7 ordering facility but also an efficient and speedy delivery service across the UK, using reputable couriers. 


So, see the difference better dog food can make and have it delivered to your door within a day or two.