'Big Dog' Bulk Deal

  • A bulk deal on the larger kibble offerings across all our ranges
  • Fantastic value for those with larger dogs!
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'Big Dog' Bulk Deal

Cost effective nutrition for large & giant breeds

We understand that it's costly for owners of large and giant breeds to feed a high quality, meaty, wheat free kibble but because you buy in large quantities we can benefit from substantial time & shipping savings, which we can then pass on to you!

The options in this deal all have a larger kibble size & we think, used in rotation, they make for a great cost-effective balance of profiles, ingredients and recipes - thereby promoting a robust digestion and helping to prevent future allergies/intolerences developing.

There are gluten free, wheat free & grain free options, so they're ideal for sensitive dogs too.

Every option contains high quality, 100% natural, hypo-allergenic ingredients, alongside lots of bio-available protein from quality meat sources & only gentle, GMO free, grains, cereals or vegetables.

Furthermore all the meat comes from sources originally destined for the human food chain, plus there's no artificial colours or preservatives & no added salt, sugar or soy. 

And of course, they contain all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay fit and healthy. 

We think it makes an excellent way of getting the best of all worlds, at an unbeatable price.


In the Pink 12kg (salmon & potato): Pocket friendly gluten free formula, with fresh salmon, Salmon Oil and a good Omega 3 count.

High & Mighty 12kg (chicken & rice):  Great value option with added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to support the joints.  Wheat Free.

And then add these into your rotation for an extra special boost:

Itchy Dog 12kg (fish dinner): your dog doesn't need to be itchy to benefit from the oodles of Omega 3 and the wide range of functional herbs and botanicals in this one - all of which help support the immune system, digestive tract, kidneys etc. It's a great recipe for all dogs and it's completely grain free - a brilliant one to add to your rotation.

Tickety Boo Mighty Bites 13.5kg (turkey & sweet potato or salmon & sweet potato): Made with 50% meat/fish & gently cooked to help protect all that lovely protein.

  Grain Free and super-tasty. 

 Kibble Size: approx 9mm x 20/22mm  

Sold VAT free

Suitable as a complete food for working and sporting dogs


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Top Drawer Fish & Sweet Potato 395g

  • A delicious paté style wet food - use as a complete meal or topper
  • Gluten Free with 66% fish plus sweet potato & vegetables. Lower phosphorus.
  • Added pre-biotics, seaweed, cranberry & joint support
  • Protein: 10%, Fat: 7%, Fibre: 0.3% (Dry Matter: Protein: 37%, Fat: 29.6%, Fibre: 1.09%)
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Camel Chew Stick

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Mighty Meaty (original) Poultry & Fish

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  • With added Joint Support, Omega 3 & healthful herbs & botanicals. Suitable for puppies too!
  • Protein: 37%, Fat: 15%, Fibre: 3%, Calories: c. 374k/cal per 100g
  • 1.5kg & 13.5kg bags (54kg Bulk Deal Also Available)
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Moo Tubes (Beef Trachea)

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  • A great choice for all small-med breed puppies - with added Omega 3 & Joint Support
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Tripe Sticks

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  • * 100% natural, gently dried green tripe from free-range German cattle
  • * Grain free with no added salt or sugar
  • * Protein 87%, Oils & Fats 3.5%, Ash 2%
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Fishy Wishes (Regular cube)

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  • 100% natural & made in UK
  • Grain free with no added salt or sugar
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    • 100% natural & made in UK
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