Welcome to Ci.... we don't like to boast, but perfect poo is a bit of a speciality of ours!


It can seem hard to believe that despite being able to tolerate socks, crayons and six-week-dead seagull without a murmur dogs can, and frequently do, develop sensitivities to some everyday ingredients which frequently make their way into many dog foods. 


Similarly, they often react to the preservatives, colours and other additives used by many of the bigger brands.


If your dog's do-do is less than ideal, we can help.


We're dedicated to offering dog owners a realistically priced range of foods, toppers and treats that are not only nutritious, delicious and gentle on a dog's sensitive digestion, but also contain no artificial preservatives, colours, additives, wheat, 'cereals', soy or dubious 'derivatives', and there's no added salt or sugar either.


Furthermore, we guarantee that every single one of our ranges contains only high-quality meat and/or fish originally destined for the UK human food chain - alongside GM free, gut-friendly, hypoallergenic rice, oats, barley and/or vegetables.


All these factors help ensure a quality, healthful diet that's highly digestible and gentle on the gut - resulting in firm (but not too hard) poops that aren't overly smelly.


And, of course, they're all complete, balanced & approved by the PFMA to ensure they meet all your dog's nutritional needs.


Most sensitive dogs will do well on any of our foods so you can relax and opt for a recipe that best meets their other needs.

If your dog is particularly sensitive we highly recommend opting for a chicken free & grain-free option as a starting point (check out our Tickety Boo & Bells & Whistles ranges). 

Or, if your hound doesn't fare well with grain-free then our Happy Go Lightly in turkey & In The Pink recipes are incredibly gentle, gluten-free, rice based options.


Or call us - we're happy to work through your individual situation to find the very best food for your dog.


We're here to help.