Tickety Boo Makeover

(from end of October (2kg) end of November (12/15kg)



We're making a few cosmetic changes to Tickety Boo - but the recipes aren't changing one little bit - and nor is the price per kilo!


In view of recent adjustments to DPD's weight rules we're merging the 12kg sacks and the 15kg sacks to a single weight of 13.5kg. 

Smaller bags will stay at 2kg.


Plus, we've changed the bags to plain brown compostable bags. 

These bags have unbleached paper exterior layers & a compostable inner film.

Even if your local council won't accept these bags in with your food waste (it varies across the country), we feel they still represent a lighter load on the environment - & hopefully the more compostable products there are, the quicker things will change.

You could even cut them down and use them to line your food caddy!


 And, while we were at it, we had a bit of a re-brand which we hope reflects the quality & integrity of the product.


Furthermore, customers have mentioned many times that the way we re-name senior, light & puppy Tickety Boo recipes is confusing, so we've tackled that bit too.


So, in future:

Still Going Strong & Sweet Couch Potato will be called Tickety Boo Senior (these two were always the same recipes)

Puppy Love will be called Tickety Boo Puppy

Junior Big League will be called Tickety Boo Large Breed Puppy


Obviously we're going to have to go through a bit of a messy period whereby some flavours will still be in the 12kg format & some in the 13.5kg - just while we sell through the older stock. 

Please bear with us - we've tried to be clever (!) & time it so that this doesn't last long!


60kg Bulk Deals will change to 54kg (4 x 13.5kg) at the same great price per kilo - there will be no transition period for these & we'll use facebook & email to let customers know the exact date of the transfer (current estimate is end of November).


We hope you'll love Tickety Boo's new image as much as we do


and of you have any questions please feel free to get in contact.