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Vim 'n' Vigour

ideal for all dogs, even those with allergies & digestive issues!


Tickety Boo (Pork)

with low-risk pork - ideal for dogs with protein allergies


Tickety Boo (Duck)

lots of delicious duck & added antioxidants


Tickety Boo (Salmon & Trout)

with oodles of Omega 3 to boost skin and coat health


Tickety Boo (Chicken).

our meatiest Tickety Boo & a great all rounder for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Turkey)

A great all rounder - ideal for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Lamb)

the strong calcium levels in this one make it great for larger dogs!


Tickety Boo (Tuna)

Lot's of Omega 3 from fresh Tuna!


Tickety Boo (Venison)

great for all dogs...hungry dogs... fussy dogs....large dogs