Products tagged with 'treats'

Bambi Bangers

100% Scottish venison sausages - and absolutely nothing else!


Bombay Bangers!

  • *Chicken & turmeric
  • *100% Natural
  • *Grain free
  • *100% British

Bonus Bones

Super crunchy sugar & gluten free dog biscuit treats with salmon oil


Bully Sticks (Mighty)

extra thick, long lasting, easily digestible chew for sensitive tummies


Dog's Pyjamas (80% fish)

little 80% fish grain free training treats - packed with omega 3


Dog's Pyjamas (80% poultry)

little 80% poultry grain free training treats. Made in UK


Ducks Feet

A more substantial alternative to chicken's feet!


Fishy Wishes (60g)

low calorie dried fish skins formed into bite sized cubes


Gizziwizzies (150g)

100% dried no-odour chicken tripe in crunchy fun-sized pieces - dogs love them!


Liver Slices

Simply dried slices of British beef liver. Chemical Free


Moo Tubes (8's)

Gentle, natural, long-lasting chewiness + natural joint support


O-mega Bites (150g)

soft & delicious fish & potato cookies!


O-mega Munch (80g)

100% white fish formed into crunchy, omega 3 packed cubes. 100% British


Totally Tripe!

100% British air-dried Beef Tripe Dogs love it!


Venison Crunchies

Meaty venison tendons - dried until crunchy!