Skin & coat health

Nothing says 'healthy dog' like gleaming fur, so if you're trying to gloss your dog up or if they're recovering from a skin condition or a bout of illness, you'll be looking for a nutritious food that's also full of lovely Omega 3, which is known for it's skin & coat boosting properties. We've only listed here the recipes which have an exceptional Omega 3 level of around 1% or more.

Our highest levels (at over 3%) can be found in 'Tickety Boo - Salmon' (for active dogs), 'Sweet Couch Potato' (for less active dogs) and 'Still Going Strong' (for seniors).

Another frequent cause for a poor coat is an allergy or intolerance. We have a lot of success with our Vim n Vigour recipe because it has a short ingredients list. it's grain free and it contains a novel protein source. If you suspect an allergy might be the cause it's worth giving this one a try - it's not listed here because it falls short of our 1% rule - but you'll find it in our 'digestion & allergies' section (or search for it in the search bar).

Of course there are other causes for a poor coat such as worms, fleas, infections, thyroid issues & kidney conditions, so if your dog doesn't start getting shiny pretty quickly you might want to consider getting these possibilities ruled out too.


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Bright n Bushy

wheat free, hypoallergenic with added seaweed for skin & coat health


In the Pink

good for hungry dogs & fussy eaters. Gluten Free.


Body 'n' Bounce

high value treats packed with natural Omega 3


Happy Go Lightly White Fish

Designed to be gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. Lots of Omega 3.


Happy Go Lightly Lamb

only 10% fat, with fresh & dried lamb.


Tickety Boo (Lamb)

the strong calcium levels in this one make it great for larger dogs!


Tickety Boo (Tuna)

Lot's of Omega 3 from fresh Tuna!


Tickety Boo (Turkey)

A great all rounder - ideal for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Pork)

with low-risk pork - ideal for dogs with protein allergies


Tickety Boo (Salmon & Trout)

with oodles of Omega 3 to boost skin and coat health


Tickety Boo (Chicken).

our meatiest Tickety Boo & a great all rounder for all dogs