Skin & coat health

Nothing says 'healthy dog' like gleaming fur, so if you're trying to gloss your dog up or if they're recovering from a skin condition or a bout of illness, you'll be looking for a nutritious food that's also full of lovely Omega 3, which is known for it's skin & coat boosting properties. We've only listed here the recipes which have an exceptional Omega 3 level of around 1% or more.

Our highest levels (at over 3%) can be found in 'Tickety Boo - Salmon' (for active dogs), 'Sweet Couch Potato' (for less active dogs) and 'Still Going Strong' (for seniors).

Another frequent cause for a poor coat is an allergy or intolerance. We have a lot of success with our Vim n Vigour recipe because it has a short ingredients list. it's grain free and it contains a novel protein source. If you suspect an allergy might be the cause it's worth giving this one a try - it's not listed here because it falls short of our 1% rule - but you'll find it in our 'digestion & allergies' section (or search for it in the search bar).

Of course there are other causes for a poor coat such as worms, fleas, infections, thyroid issues & kidney conditions, so if your dog doesn't start getting shiny pretty quickly you might want to consider getting these possibilities ruled out too.


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Bright n Bushy

with seaweed and other goodies to promote optimum condition


In the Pink

good for hungry dogs, fussy eaters and those prone to tummy upsets.


Body 'n' Bounce

Omega 3 & chia seeds for coat and joint health


Happy Go Lightly White Fish

Designed to be gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. Lots of Omega 3.


Happy Go Lightly Lamb

Extra meaty option for fussy dogs.


Tickety Boo (Lamb)

the strong calcium levels in this one make it great for larger dogs!


Tickety Boo (Turkey)

A great all rounder - ideal for all dogs


Tickety Boo Turkey (Mighty Bites)

Larger kibble & joint support for bigger dogs


Tickety Boo (Pork)

with low-risk pork - ideal for dogs with protein allergies


Tickety Boo (Salmon & Trout)

with oodles of Omega to boost skin and coat health


Tickety Boo (Chicken).

our meatiest Tickety Boo & a great all rounder for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Venison)

great for all dogs...hungry dogs... fussy dogs....large dogs


Tickety Boo Light (Salmon)

50% meat & 50% low GI veggies, minerals & vitamins in a lower calorie recipe.


Tickety Boo Senior (Salmon)

Optimum support for your senior dog. Oodles of Omega 3 and other goodies.


Bells & Whistles Chicken

high quality, meaty, grain free nutrition for adult dogs


Bells & Whistles Itchy Dog

high quality nutrition for itchy, allergic dogs