Digestion & allergies

If parasites have been ruled out by your vet as a possible cause, then the next most common cause of frequent/occasional digestive upset is that an allergy or intolerance to a certain foodstuff has developed.

One of the biggest culprits is grain, particularly wheat. None of our foods contain wheat, so if you suspect wheat may be causing the issue then you can choose from any of our recipes.

If you think the problem may go beyond wheat then an all-out grain free diet may be the best course of action. If however they seem to do OK on rice (for example) then you might just look to going gluten-free.

The following recipes are all gluten free, but our Vim n Vigour, Bells & Whistles Range and Tickety Boo Range,  are completely grain free too.

There's also a 'light' grain free recipe - Sweet Couch Potato and a 'senior' - Still Going Strong

If the problem is the protein source then check out our Tickety Boo Pork, its been designed to provide a novel protein that your dog shouldn't have been able to become allergic to.

If it's all a lot more complicated than that, please feel free to email us with your allergy triggers or symptoms and we'll happily see if we can help!

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In The Pink - small bite

gluten free with 40% salmon - for small mouths!


Vim 'n' Vigour

ideal for all dogs, even those with allergies & digestive issues!


In the Pink

good for hungry dogs & fussy eaters. Gluten Free.


Happy Go Lightly Senior

gluten free, lower phosphorus & added joint support


Happy Go Lightly Turkey

Gluten Free & only 8% fat. Gentle on kidneys & digestions!


Venison Crunchies

Meaty venison tendons - dried until crunchy!


Tickety Boo (Lamb)

the strong calcium levels in this one make it great for larger dogs!


Tickety Boo (Tuna)

Lot's of Omega 3 from fresh Tuna!


Tickety Boo (Duck)

lots of delicious duck & added antioxidants


Tickety Boo (Turkey)

A great all rounder - ideal for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Pork)

with low-risk pork - ideal for dogs with protein allergies


Tickety Boo (Salmon & Trout)

with oodles of Omega 3 to boost skin and coat health


Tickety Boo (Chicken).

our meatiest Tickety Boo & a great all rounder for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Venison)

great for all dogs...hungry dogs... fussy dogs....large dogs


Tickety Boo Senior/Light (Turkey)

Optimum support for your senior or overweight dog. Oodles of meaty protein but only 9% fat!


Tickety Senior/Light (Salmon)

Optimum support for your senior or overweight pooch. Oodles of Omega 3 and other goodies.


Tickety Boo Light (Salmon)

50% meat & 50% low GI veggies, minerals & vitamins in a lower calorie recipe.


Tickety Boo Light (Turkey)

50% meat & 50% low GI veggies, minerals & vitamins in a lower calorie recipe.


Bells & Whistles Chicken

Lots of protein & a variety of herbs and supplements for a more holistic approach....