Our ranges

Because not all dogs (or owners) are the same, we offer a wide range of kibble to suit all budgets and requirements.  Whilst they may vary in composition they each contain high quality ingredients plus all the vitimains they need to stay fit and healthy.  In addition they're 100% natural, British made, vet approved and they contain plenty of high quality protein to ensure they're not only nutritious but delicious to boot!

Essentials Range (silver bags with pawprints)

We all want to give our dogs the best food we can afford, and we don't want to pay a premium price for a less than premium food. Our Essentials collection provides a complete range of options that focuses on the important stuff - good quality ingredients, lots of quality protein, gentle on the digestion and with no artificial colours or preservatives (and no added salt, sugar or soy) alongside all the vitamins and minerals dogs need to stay healthy.

We feel that the quality of the ingredients and the impressive meat content make this range unbeatable in it's price range - there's no silly gimmicks - just good, solid, meaty nutrition at an affordable price.

Whether you need low calorie, rice-based, gluten free, grain free or puppy you'll find a 100% natural, hypoallergenic recipe that delivers maximum nutritional 'bang-for-buck' in the Essentials collection.


Happy Go Lightly Range (brown bag with butterflies)

Happy Go Lightly is an all-natural, hypoallergenic, rice based range of recipes that focus on the gentle care and attention of all aspects of your dog's health. Firstly, it's lower calorie to help keep your dog trim, it also contains low-allergen, gut-friendly grains for a healthy digestion (which should make 'loco motions' a thing of the past) and it contains an Omega 3 supplement plus a selection of herbs and botanicals to gently support your dog's liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid and gut. 

On top of this it provides a highly nutritious diet your dog will love, with good quality ingredients including lots of quality protein alongside all the essential vitimins and minerals your dog need to stay healthy.

Happy Go Lightly is ideal for modern, slightly sensitive sofa-hoggers or dogs prone to weight gain. It's gentle approach also makes it a great choice for older dogs and dogs showing signs of early kidney or liver issues.


Tickety Boo Range (bags with blue sky & a potato cart)

More and more owners are seeing an improvement in their dogs when they move over to a grain free diet, particularly in dogs that have more serious digestive issues, allergic reactions or diabetes.

Our Tickety Boo range is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and packed with all the nutrients your dog needs.  On top of this however it contains no grain or cereals of any kind, it's made instead with 50% meat and the rest comes from low G-I veggies such as sweet potato and peas.  In addition there's an Omega 3 supplement and pre-biotics to help maintain a healthy gut flora.

The low G-I veggies help your dog feel fuller for longer so it's a winner with hungry dogs and it's exceptionally low-risk ingredients list make it ideal for highly sensitive or allergic dogs. 

However, your dog doesn't need to be sensitive to benefit from all the goodness that these great meaty dinners provide. They represent an excellent choice for all dogs, and they are our most popular range - probably because dogs seem to really, really enjoy the taste!