Kidney issues

Whilst prescription diets are often recommended for dogs with kidney issues, many dogs do well on non-prescription diets which are low in sodium & phosphorus, particularly in the early stages. We've attached some links below so you can save and print out the analysis of our lowest phosphorus foods to show your vet.

None of our recipes have added salt and a food is considered 'low phosphorus' if it contains 0.6% phosphorus (dry matter basis) or less.

Top Drawer Grain Free Fish wet food and our Tickety Boo Angus Beef are around 0.55% phosphorus (on a dry matter basis)and Return to Slender is around 0.6%.

We've also included Happy Go Lightly Turkey (& the senior option) because although they just miss this level at 0.8% (and 0.7% on the senior), they're a great tasting gluten-free food and they contain calcium carbonate (which is a phosphorus binder) & dandelion which has long been associated with kidney health.

It seems pretty universally accepted now that these diets do not have to be low in protein unless your dog is uremic, the ones listed below therefore represent a range of protein levels - Top Drawer Fish is around 33% protein (dry matter basis), Tickety Boo Beef is 32.5%, Return to Slender is around 20% & Happy Go Lightly is 21% (the senior is 18%).

Please remember that it's very important that dogs with kidney issues stay hydrated, so we'd highly recommend adding some water to the dry kibble when you feed.

click here for: Return to Slender Data Sheet

click here for: Happy Go Lightly Turkey Data Sheet

click here for: Happy Go Lightly Turkey (small bite) Data Sheet

click here for: Happy Go Lightly Senior Data Sheet



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Tickety Boo (Angus Beef)

Extra protein & a moderate phosphorous level. Great for older dogs too!


Happy Go Lightly Minis (turkey) 4x2kg (8kg)

Gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. For toy & small breeds.


Happy Go Lightly Senior

Lower fat & designed to support ageing livers, kidneys and digestions.


Happy Go Lightly Turkey

Designed to be gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. Added Omega 3.


Return to Slender

For dogs on a weight loss programme. Gentle & nutritious.


Top Drawer Fish & Sweet Potato 395g

A delicious grain free wet food - use as a complete meal or topper

From £1.39