Heart health

If you're trying to support your dogs heart through their diet you'll be looking for a low-sodium food that contains a good meat content for all those vital amino acids - many suggest fresh meat is better than meat meal (dehydrated meat) and whilst this may not be practical for you on a daily basis we do have a number of kibble recipes which include fresh meat as well as meat meal in the extrusion process. None of our recipes have added salt.

You are probably also on the look-out for a high Omega 3 content because it's thought to help with inflammation, muscle wastage and all sorts of other health benefits. The foods listed below all offer an excellent Omega 3 count and include some fresh meat in the recipe.

The Happy Go Lightly range offers much less fresh meat than the other options but they do contain fewer calories (with the exception of 'Sweet Couch Potato', which is also lower calorie) - and this will be an important consideration for owners trying to ease the pressure on the heart by slimming their dogs down.

Please find below links to the data sheets of the recipes shown here, which you can download & print to show your vet.

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Happy Go Lightly White Fish

Designed to be gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. Lots of Omega 3.


Happy Go Lightly Minis (White Fish) 4x2kg

Designed to be gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. Toy & small dogs.