Our dinner toppers

Lots of us like to add a bit of wet food to our dog's kibble, and often some water too to create a bit of a gravy. Our Top Drawer dinner toppers were designed to provide a meaty addition that doesn't undo all the good work of your 100% natural, high quality kibble.

Of course they're free of artificial colours, preservatives and additives, they contain no wheat or 'derivatives', they're gluten free and they're a whopping 60-65% meat.

Formulated in a 'paté' style, they mix well with dry kibble and, with added water to the bowl, they create a tempting gravy - enough to whet the appetite of even the most discerning eaters (and handy for hiding pills in!).

Can also be fed without kibble for those who prefer a wet food.

Contains a little salt, but no sugar or soy.