Ci 'Essentials' Collection

Our 'Essentials' collection provides a wide range range of recipe styles from rice-based, potato based, grain free and lower fat options.

Each one has been designed to provide a quality, nutritious feed with maximum 'bang per buck'. 

Each recipe focuses on the most important aspects of your dogs diet - good quality, 100% natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, lots of bioavailable protein from quality meat sources and only gentle grains, cereals or vegetables to ensure they're all very easy on the digestion.

Furthermore all the meat comes from sources originally destined for the human food chain, plus they're all GMO free, with no artificial colours or preservatives and no added salt, sugar or soy.  And of course, they contain all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay fit and healthy.

We feel that the quality of the ingredients in this range makes it unbeatable in it's price bracket - there's no silly or unnecessary gimmicks - just good, solid, meaty nutrition, at an affordable price.

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For dogs on a weight loss programme. Gentle & nutritious.


Lazy Bones

Great value, nutritious & easy to digest.


Tender Tums

gentle chicken & rice recipe for sensitive tums


Bright n Bushy

wheat free, hypoallergenic with added seaweed for skin & coat health


In the Pink

good for hungry dogs & fussy eaters. Gluten Free.


In The Pink - small bite

gluten free with 40% salmon - for small mouths!


Vim 'n' Vigour

ideal for all dogs, even those with allergies & digestive issues!


Itchy Dog (Bells & Whistles)

high quality nutrition for itchy, allergic dogs


High & Mighty

lots of quality protein plus joint support. Incredible value


Puppy Power

Packed with all the protein, vitamins & minerals your pup needs for a great start in life


You Big Baby

Specially formulated to meet the unique needs of large & giant breed puppies