Our treats

We all love to treat our dogs, and they provide an excellent way of rewarding good behaviour. However they're often made with low grade, high-allergen ingredients and made to taste good with salt &/or sugar. Thankfully however dogs love meat & fish so much that it's possible to offer them sugar-free alternatives without feeling like you're causing them to miss out.

Our ethos of realistically priced, 100% natural ingredients plus no added wheat, sugar or soy continues through into our treats too. They're packed with meat or fish and as you'd expect there's no artificial preservatives, colours or other additives in any of them, they're all British or EU made using quality British & EU ingredients and they all taste great!

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Big Softies

very low fat, 'not too hard' natural chews for gentler mouths.


Body 'n' Bounce

high value treats packed with natural Omega 3


Bonus Bones

Super crunchy sugar & gluten free dog biscuit treats with salmon oil


Bully Sticks (Mighty)

thick, long lasting, easily digestible chew for sensitive tummies. Low odour too.


Dog's Pyjamas (80% poultry)

little 80% poultry grain free training treats. Made in UK


Fishy Wishes (60g)

low calorie dried fish skins formed into bite sized cubes


Fishy Wishes (Jumbo Cube)

low calorie dried fish skins formed into bite sized cubes for large & giant dogs


Fishy Wishes (Large Cube)

low calorie dried fish skins formed into bite sized cubes for larger dogs


I'm All Ears

all the fun of a pigs ear - but without the fat!


Liver Slices

Simply dried slices of British beef liver. Chemical Free


Mop Tops (beef scalps)

super long lasting chews. A natural alternative to rawhide.


The Big Chew

Variety Pack of chews for stronger jaws!


Bombay Bangers!

  • *Chicken & turmeric
  • *100% Natural
  • *Grain free
  • *100% British

Dog's Pyjamas (80% fish)

little 80% fish grain free training treats - packed with omega 3


O-mega Munch (80g)

100% white fish formed into crunchy, omega 3 packed cubes. 100% British


Bambi Bangers

100% Scottish venison sausages - and absolutely nothing else!


Furry Rabbit Ears

100% European rabbit ears - with fur!


Gizziwizzies (150g)

100% dried no-odour chicken tripe in crunchy fun-sized pieces - dogs love them!


Ducks Feet

A more substantial alternative to chicken's feet!


Totally Tripe!

100% British air-dried Beef Tripe Dogs love it!