Regular Calorie food for active dogs 

All of the recipes below represent an excellent choice for your normally active dog.

Our Essentials range represents simple no-nonsense options that focus on the important stuff - lots of quality protein and easy to digest hypoallergenic ingredients.

Our  best-selling Tickety Boo range contains a whopping 50% meat, is completely grain/gluten free and because it's baked at a much lower temperature it retains lots of the lovely taste and aroma which manages to tempt even the fussiest of eaters!

If your looking for an even meatier option then our Bells & Whistles contains a whopping 28% protein count and follows a similar 50/50 format to the Tickety Boo range, plus it contains lots of health boosting herbs and botanicals for a more holistic approach to your dog's nutrition.

Every recipe is free from added salt & sugar, and there's no artificial preservatives, additives or colourings. 

Because they're all 100% natural & hypoallergenic they'll all work well with sensitive digestions, but if your pooch is particularly sensitive we'd highly recommend our grain free options.

If you're in any way unsure please feel free to drop us a line via the 'Contact Us' button and we'll be happy to advise, or call us on 01994 230515.

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Bright n Bushy

with seaweed and other goodies to promote optimum condition


High & Mighty

designed for large & giant breed dogs


In the Pink

good for hungry dogs, fussy eaters and those prone to tummy upsets.


Vim 'n' Vigour

ideal for all dogs, even those with allergies & digestive issues!


Tickety Boo (Turkey)

A great all rounder - ideal for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Lamb)

the strong calcium levels in this one make it great for larger dogs!


Tickety Boo (Pork)

with low-risk pork - ideal for dogs with protein allergies


Tickety Boo (Salmon & Trout)

with oodles of Omega to boost skin and coat health


Tickety Boo (Duck)

50% meat & 50% low GI veggies, minerals & vitamins. Oodles of Omega 3!


Tickety Boo (Chicken).

our meatiest Tickety Boo & a great all rounder for all dogs


Tickety Boo (Angus Beef)

Extra protein & a moderate phosphorous level. Great for older dogs too!


Tickety Boo (Venison)

great for all dogs...hungry dogs... fussy dogs....large dogs


Tickety Boo Turkey (Mighty Bites)

Larger kibble & joint support for bigger dogs


Bells & Whistles Itchy Dog

high quality nutrition for itchy, allergic dogs


Bells & Whistles Chicken

high quality, meaty, grain free nutrition for adult dogs


Bells & Whistles Lamb

high quality, meaty, grain free nutrition for adult dogs


Bells & Whistles Duck

high quality, meaty, grain free nutrition for adult dogs


Bells & Whistles Salmon

high quality, meaty, grain free nutrition for adult dogs