Liver Issues

Unless your dog's liver condition is severe most dogs continue on their regular diets, however it makes sense that their food should be one which is gentle on the liver and doesn't overload it with toxins.

This generally means one that is 100% natural, isn't too heavy on ammonia, copper, fat or salt, and contains anti-oxidants to help the liver do its job.

Ideally the protein levels won't be excessive either and there'll be enough fibre 'to keep things moving'.

Meats that fall on the lower end of ammonia and copper are white fish, chicken & turkey so we've only included foods made from these, alongside a lower fat content, or other similar recipes that have no copper added.

None of our kibbles contain added salt.


The Happy Go Lightly options are good because they contain some useful anti-oxidants & an Omega 3 supplement alongside other botanicals associated with liver health (such as chicory & dandelion). 

For dogs that need a few more calories, the Bells & Whistles Itchy Dog contains only 15 mg of copper (approx) from the ingredients and lots of antioxidants and immume boosting botanicals from the 'Itch Eeze' formulation.

You might also like to consider additional herbal supplements that support & help cleanse the liver such as decaffinated green tea or milk thistle seeds.

We've added downloadable product guide links below so you can discuss them with your vet.

click here for:Bright n Bushy Product guide
click here for:Return to Slender Product Guide
click here for:Happy Go Lightly Turkey Product Guide
click here for:Happy Go Lightly Turkey Small Bite Product Guide
click here for:Bells & Whistles Itchy Dog Product Guide
click here for:Tickety Boo Turkey Senior Product Guide
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Tender Tums

gentle chicken & rice recipe for sensitive tums


Bright n Bushy

wheat free, hypoallergenic with added seaweed for skin & coat health


Return to Slender

For dogs on a weight loss programme. Gentle & nutritious.


Happy Go Lightly Turkey

Gluten Free & only 8% fat. Gentle on kidneys & digestions!


Happy Go Lightly White Fish

Designed to be gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. Lots of Omega 3.


Happy Go Lightly Turkey Small Bite

Gentler on the kidneys, liver & digestion. For toy & small breeds.


Itchy Dog (Bells & Whistles)

high quality nutrition for itchy, allergic dogs


Tickety Boo Light (Turkey)

50% meat & 50% low GI veggies, minerals & vitamins in a lower calorie recipe.


Tickety Boo Senior/Light (Turkey)

Optimum support for your senior or overweight dog. Oodles of meaty protein but only 9% fat!