Ci Mighty Meaty


      • very high protein (80% meat/fish)
        • gently cooked
      • added botanicals & superfoods
      • added joint support
        • 100% natural
      • grain free


Based around the principles of raw feeding, our Mighty Meaty range isn't like regular dog foods.  It's made with a whopping 80% meat and/or fish so it's absolutely packed with high quality bioavailable protein from sources originally destined for the human food chain.


Over 55% of the protein is from freshly prepared meat & fish which has been gently cooked at 90oC for around 20 minutes (just to remove any risk of pathogens), with the rest coming from quality dried meat/fish sources.  Plus there's a whole host of health-boosting vegetables, herbs and botanicals too, to help support your dog's health holistically.


For those who already feed raw, and 80/20 dog food makes for a convenient alternative for when you're out & about or when time is short.  Similarly, they're a great option for owners who like the idea of feeding raw but don't have the storage or set-up to do so.


In addition, as you'd hope from such a luxury product, there's added pro-biotics, antioxidants and joint support.


As you might expect, these very high protein diets won't suit all dogs.  For those it does suit however an 80% meat/fish formulation can be transformative!


If you are trying an 80% formula for the first time we highly recommend buying it in smaller quantities and introducing it very gradually.


Also great for use in snuffle mats and as training treats too!


Unlike many foods of this type our 'original fish & poultry' flavour isn't loaded with fat either - it comes in at a sensible 15% and its calorie content isn't much different from a regular kibble.


The 'fish medley' flavour is more calorific so it's best suited to active dogs & recovering dogs & its super-strong Omega 3 count means it's great for skin & coat health.