We do Perfect Poo

We don't like to boast, but perfect poo is a bit of a speciality of ours (!) ......  so, if your dog's doodoo is less than ideal, we may be able to help!

All dogs get very occasional bouts of diarrhoea but, in the main, their poo should be kickable (within reason!) & not leave a residue when you pick it up. 

It should be the sort of poo that responds well to the 'stick & flick' method of poo relocation, without being bullet-hard (ideally a play-doh-like consistency).  It should also be mid-brown in colour and not overly smelly. 

Because poo is such a great window into our dog’s digestive health, reliably perfect poo is a sign that their digestive system is working well - & whilst softer poo can be a sign of stress, or worms or parasites it's very often the result of something in their diet their system just doesn't like.

It can seem odd that a dog’s digestion will laugh in the face of a best before date, but will struggle with a pretty everyday dog food ingredient - however it is often the case.   

Wheat & wheat gluten is the most common ingredient that dogs have difficulty with.  Unfortunately for dogs, it's very cost-effective, so it's found in almost every budget dog food or treat (often listed in the ingredients panel as 'cereals') and sometimes in some not-so-budget ones too!  

Artificial preservatives, additives & colours can also play havoc with a dog's digestion (as well as causing skin issues, itching, recurring ear infections etc) and, again, these are frequently found in dog food and treats.

Here at Ci we won't consider a dog food recipe (or a treat) that contains wheat or any artificials of this kind & for dogs with particularly sensitive tums our Tickety Boo, Bells & Whistles & Mighty Meaty ranges are completely grain & cereal free (so no barley, oats, maize, rice etc either).  This no only makes them extremely hypoallergenic but also very gentle on the gut.

We are always happy to discuss your dog’s needs, so feel free to call us or use the contact us tab giving us details of the foods (brands & flavours) you have tried in the past & we'll do our best to work out the best option for your pooch.