Because Perfect Poo Matters

 High quality, gut-friendly, sensitive dog food 


Poo is the best window you have into your dog’s digestive health and softish poop is a sign that your dog isn’t digesting their food properly.  A healthy poo is kickable & 'pickupable' without leaving a residue - but not too hard - you're looking for a consistency a bit like play-doh!



When the gut encounters a substance it’s not too keen on it pushes it through the system faster in order to remove it from the body ASAP.  As a result, the system doesn’t have time to reabsorb the moisture in the waste as much as it would normally (hence the soft consistency), and it can’t incorporate all the essential nutrients, fluids, and electrolytes that are available in the food.


Long term, this can have serious effects on your dog’s overall health & well-being.


In addition, a dog has glands on either side of their anus, which release a distinctive smelling mucous when passing stools.  If the stool is soft then these glands can’t express properly, which over time leads to a build up of toxins and the glands can become blocked.  It’s a painful condition for the dog and a smelly one too.


Too often commercial dog food contains ingredients that aren’t compatible with gut health, and although pro-biotics and supplements can help, it is very much a case of treating the symptoms rather than the cause.  This is why we’re committed to only offering foods that are 100% natural, nutritious and gentle on the digestive system.


Highly sensitive dogs tend to do better on a high quality, all natural, gluten or grain free dog food, and many do better if chicken and/or beef are removed from the diet. 


Less sensitive tums work happily on a wheat/’cereal’ free dog food that contains high quality, all-natural ingredients.


You’ll find a range of tried and tested dog food styles here at Ci, so we’re bound to have the right one for your dog.   If you’re in doubt feel free to call us or send us a message via the ‘contact us’ button.


Side note: Don’t underestimate treats! 


Poor quality treats and titbits can easily undo all the good work of your high quality, gut-friendly food. Many dental sticks and supermarket treats are awash with artificial preservatives, colours, cereals and poor quality ingredients, and it only takes one to send a sensitive tummy into overdrive! 


We have a range of training treats, chews and tasty snacks which are all UK & EU made and contain the same all-natural, gut friendly, quality ingredients you expect from your food - so sensitive dogs really don't have to miss out on any of the fun xx