About Us

Having four large dogs we were frustrated that we couldn't stretch to buying the better end of the dog food market, but our research revealed that the mid-range food we were buying for our dogs was actually pretty low quality and we needed to swap brands.  


This at least meant we were now feeding the best we could afford, but we still hankered over those better quality foods.......


After talking to a number of pet food manufacturers it became clear that it was possible to provide high quality dog food at the realistic prices we were searching for, so we tentatively talked about setting up Ci.



Ci (pronounced 'key') is the Welsh word for dog, and here on the South West Welsh coastline we had plenty of dogs to try the food out on.  The feedback was great and we were noticing significant improvements in our own dogs - so the final decision was made, and Ci began in earnest.


Since then, our range of food & treats has grown significantly, but they all continue to have the same ethos - plenty of high quality, human grade meat and/or fish alongside 100% natural, easy to digest ingredients that taste really good.


And all this with a realistic price tag to boot.


Our canny customers know their money buys delicious dinners for their dogs...... not delicious dinners for marketing executives.